About Bristol Heart Rhythm Centre

The Bristol Heart Rhythm Centre is the leading private sector provider of heart rhythm care in South-West England. The Centre consists of a dedicated team of healthcare professionals including Consultant Cardiologists, Consultant Cardiac Surgeons, Consultant Cardiac/Intensive Care Anaesthetists, Cardiac Physiologists and Specialist Heart Rhythm Nurses, who all work together to provide a comprehensive range of investigations and ‘cutting edge’ treatments for abnormalities of heart rhythm. The team is co-ordinated by a Practice Manager.  All of our consultants hold substantive NHS posts at the Bristol Heart Institute (see Contact Us for referral details)

The out-patient department of the Bristol Heart Rhythm Centre offers state of the art facilities to enable a rapid, accurate diagnosis including electrocardiogram (ECG) recording, exercise ECG testing, ambulatory ECG recording, blood/urine tests, cardiac ultrasound testing, cardiac computer tomography (CT) and cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging. The importance of timely communication with GPs and other hospital departments is recognised and the on-site administrative team ensure patients can leave the out-patient department with a printed letter of the consultation; along with a confirmed procedure date if required.

Fortunately, many patients with heart rhythm problems require nothing more than reassurance. Others may require drug treatments, which can be conveniently dispensed via the pharmacy, located within the outpatient department. Surgical treatments including catheter ablation (‘cautery’ of electrical abnormalities within the heart) and pacemaker implantations are performed in a new, high specification Cardiac Catheter Suite. Such procedures can be performed as day-cases or involve a brief inpatient stay.

Patient safety is paramount and so all procedures are performed by one of our Consultant Cardiologists, supported by a Consultant Cardiac Anaesthetist with the added reassurance of on-site Cardiac Surgery, High Dependency and Intensive Care facilities.